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Re: Can someone explain the 'obvious' to me...or is it a Grimm's Bro. tale...?

On Sunday 09 March 2003 18:04, linda w \(cyg\) wrote:
> I really _think_ (maybe I don't know what I want), but I think I
> want to setup my cygroot -> c:\.
> Now I know this isn't recommended, but why/whynot?  The
> only reason I heard, which sounded a bit weak, was, "Well what if
> some new program comes in and creates a /usr, /var, /tmp...etc
> TLD?  Then it might stomp on Cygwin files.  Is that the only reason
> because some program may someday write into those directories and
> may write files with the same names into those directories?

Yes, I've had occasion to take advantage of the way cygwin allows me to 
decide when it should be in control of my Windows environment.  Most often, 
when I am using non-cygwin compilers, I simply open the Windows command box 
for that compiler, then run cygwin.bat to get both active.  Apparently, our 
customers must be doing the same; we're eye to eye at least on the subject of 
keeping gnu bash and make in control.  When I submit compiler bug reports on 
commercial compilers, I simply pass along a copy of the standalone gmake and 
the Makefile.   More and more people will be accepting cygwin, if only for the 
better throughput of gnu make, but no commercial software outfit accepts a 
bug report unless you demonstrate it outside of cygwin.

When I had to use MKS, I could run that in one window, and cygwin in its 
window, with the standard default setups.  As you may have noticed from the 
list, we get confused enough as it is when they have alternate versions 
of cygwin applications, such as perl.

It used to be that cygwin dejagnu worked better when installed with /bin at 
the root of its drive, but those problems have been fixed. Once, during the 
life of my current hard drive (2 years, so far), my cygwin installation 
became sufficiently aged that the standard upgrade didn't take well, so I 
blew away all the pieces installed in c:\ and went with the default.

This exchange today has been weird, with people answering your posts an hour 
before they come on line.
Tim Prince

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