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1.3.20: cdda2wav -paranoia crashes 2000/XP

Hi everybody,

could somebody with Win2K/XP and cygwin1.dll 1.3.20 please try

insert an audio-cd into your cd-rom/cd-writer

enter the following:

cd /tmp  (or whatever)
cdrecord -scanbus (gives you a list of devices)
cdda2wav dev=1,5,0 -paranoia -B  (modify "dev")

Be warned: your Win2K or XP will crash/freeze completely.

Problem also occurs with 1.3.18 and 1.3.19, also occurs
with (additional parms needed):

mkisofs | cdrecord -

It doesn't matter which version of gcc, also version of
cygwin1.dll during compile is irrelevant. Above commands
crash XP/2000 (not Win9x, not NT 4.0!) with 1.3.20, after
replacing 1.3.20 with 1.3.17 everything works fine with
2000/XP (except rscsi). I tested cdrtools 1.11a40,
2.0 stable and 2.01a04.

On the bright side: 1.3.20 has no longer "hostname: gethostname,
operation not permitted" when telnetting in, so rscsi works
with 1.3.20 (not with 1.3.17).

Kind regards Frederick

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