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Re: 1.3.20: cdda2wav -paranoia crashes 2000/XP


I confirmed the cdda2wav-induced hang on my Windows 2K Pro (SP3 and all patches and driver updates currently available installed). The CD drive in my case is on the IDE bus and is the only hardware on an IDE bus in this system.

The symptoms was a "hang" (mouse stopped tracking and all system activity apparently stopped, too). The system did not blue-screen. I can't be sure of the exact timing because I wasn't looking at the modem when I executed the command, but I think the modem hung up the line at the same time.

I'm running Cygwin 1.20 and this cdda2wav:

% cdda2wav -version
cdda2wav version 1.11a40_cygwin32_nt_1.3.15(0.63-3-2)_i686_i686

Captured output of "cygcheck -s -r -v" is attached. My current directory was /cygdrive/h, the only FAT volume on my system (I chose that volume because it's purpose is to hold CD images or file sets before writing them to a CD).

Randall Schulz

At 03:22 2003-03-10, frederick dot page at amb-informatik dot de wrote:
Hi everybody,

could somebody with Win2K/XP and cygwin1.dll 1.3.20 please try this:

insert an audio-cd into your cd-rom/cd-writer

enter the following:

cd /tmp  (or whatever)
cdrecord -scanbus (gives you a list of devices)
cdda2wav dev=1,5,0 -paranoia -B  (modify "dev")

Be warned: your Win2K or XP will crash/freeze completely.

Problem also occurs with 1.3.18 and 1.3.19, also occurs
with (additional parms needed):

mkisofs | cdrecord -

It doesn't matter which version of gcc, also version of
cygwin1.dll during compile is irrelevant. Above commands
crash XP/2000 (not Win9x, not NT 4.0!) with 1.3.20, after
replacing 1.3.20 with 1.3.17 everything works fine with
2000/XP (except rscsi). I tested cdrtools 1.11a40,
2.0 stable and 2.01a04.

On the bright side: 1.3.20 has no longer "hostname: gethostname,
operation not permitted" when telnetting in, so rscsi works
with 1.3.20 (not with 1.3.17).

Kind regards Frederick

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