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RE: >/dev/stderr broken in /bin/sh?, makewhatis unhappy, & apropos confused, or just me?


At 22:40 2003-03-09, LA Walsh wrote:

> A couple of points to note:
> 1) In Cygwin, /bin/sh != bash.  /bin/sh == ash, and it doesn't support
>    bash'isms like /dev/stderr.  Use >&2 and >&1 in /bin/sh.

>From Oreillynet:

    Some UNIX systems, and utilities such as gawk, support
    special filenames like /dev/stdin, /dev/stdout, and
    /dev/stderr. You can use these just as you'd use other

I just happened to look and it is on my SuSE system as well -- I didn't
know bash had special handling for it till just now...learn something
new every day!

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't realize BASH was handling these on systems where there's no std* files in /dev.

On my SuSE 8.1 (kernel 2.4.19), /dev/std{in,out,err} are symbolic links to fd/{0,1,2} (where /dev/fd is a symbolic link to /proc/self/fd).

Oh, you'll like this one: "Learn Linux in 15 minutes a week!":

Says /dev/std{in|err|out} are standard on linux systems.
Maybe Cygwin should be renamed "CyNUX": "Cygwin is Not
Unix or Linux"? :-)

Maybe "CygNoX?" The lore could be that it's closely related to the well known air pollutants NOx but with the primary toxic and polluting effects on the infosphere, not the atmosphere. Or maybe it could be said to stand for the "Cygwin school of hard nox?

I guess the author of 'makewhatis' didn't know this either.  Perhaps
it's on enough systems.

That's the great thing about standards. There are so many to choose from (and assume).

Randall Schulz

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