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Re: patch to cygwin1.dll


I don't know if this is obsolete information or not, but back in the old Vi (not Vim) days, one could type NUL while in input mode to repeat the most recently typed input sequence. Ever since the days of real terminals has passed (at least for use in everyday programming work) I've figured this was a lost feature, since I could never figure out how to type a NUL.

If this change doesn't muck up anything else, I'd welcome it.

Randall Schulz

P.S. Your English requires no apologies (except that "English" is capitalized).

At 23:39 2003-03-09, COTTO Daniel FTRD/DMI/CAE wrote:
Hi ,

I have made a patch to the cygwin1.dll .
Its main purpose is to allow a nul character to be input from a french keyboard. Also this patch adds some othre functions keys. If you are interrested you have the diff file from the official cygwin-1.3.20-1

the binding added are:
* ctrl-spc: nul character
* ctrl-f1 through ctrl-f10: \e7~ through \e16~
* alt-f1 through alt f10: \e[38~ through \e[47~
* app key binded to: \e[50~
* ctrl-tab and alt tab bind to esc tab.
* and some other minor binding; (see the attachment).

If you want, you can use this patch and you can add it to a next version of cygwin1.dll.


P.S. sory for my bad english.

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