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Re: setup.exe is too small

David Robinow wrote:

Andrew DeFaria <ADeFaria at Salira dot com> wrote:

It is indeed a natural assumption that the phrase "to demand that something be done" is addressed to me, that I was demanding that something be done.

Andrew, relax. And pay attention.

I was paying attention. He addressed me. The assumption is natural.

The whole thread was about people who did seem to demand that something be done. You chimed in to defend them.

I chimed in to over another view point, not necessarily defend.

Igor is quite aware of that, as is anybody who bothered to read the previous posts. By the way, I agree with Andrew that "fix it yourself" seems a bit harsh as a response to an obvious newbie.

cat > fixit.yourself
This has been requested before. For details you may want to search the archives. Please remember that most of the work on Cygwin is done by unpaid volunteers. If this feature is important to you, you may want to consider volunteering to fix it yourself.

Yes this sounds much better though I'd perhaps add a little something about how to search the archives.

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