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Re: [Meta-info (non-cyg specific)] (RE: >/dev/stderr broken in /bin/sh?, makewhatis unhappy, & apropos confused, or just me?)

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, linda w (cyg) wrote:

> > Replies inline below.  Incidentally, why did your message arrive twice
> > from two different "From:" addresses?  And which should the
> > replies go to?
> ---
>         One address is subscribed to the list, the other is not.
> Normally, if one responds to 'all', it goes to the OP and the list.
> If one just hits "respond", it just goes to {OP|list} depending on
> the list.  Sometimes I forget which lists respond to OP and which
> respond to list, and lazily hit Respond-all.  Some people are bothered
> when they receive an extra copy of a post, other people I've seen
> take it as a sign of "deception" -- by not including a response to
> their note directly to them.  Most people who've been on the internet
> a while realize these conventions and ignore the direct or lack of
> a direct post as 'noise'.
>         In this circumstance one could note that one email address,
> not normally used on the cygwin[-X] lists came to them personally
> and even though it also was addressed to a 'cygX' list, didn't show
> up a 2nd time -- though a 2nd message did show up under the normal
> address associated with this person's cyg postings.  Logically,
> the first posting that was to you and the list succeeded in reaching
> you, but bounced because that posting address was not on the list and
> the person, realizing that, reposted under the correct address.
>         All rather elementary, no?
>         As for why different from addresses -- I get spam sent to
> 'cygwin'@mydomain, 'bind'@mydomain, but never [yet], say to 'MSMoney'
> (used for registration) -- except for the advertising for tax software
> from HRBlock.
>         Haven't you ever done this with snail-mail?  For magazine
> subscriptions, I may use a different middle initial, or first name --
> even my dogs' names.  Then I get to see what junk mail comes to me
> from where and which magazine's shared my name with who.  With
> email registrations it's the same and with email lists you can see
> what lists are harvested for email spam and which lists seem to either
> be ignored by spam harvesters or have software in place to protect
> list members.
>         Since maintaining email list subscriptions takes time and
> bandwidth, it's easier for harvesters to skim list archives for
> things that look like email addresses.  Some list archivers care
> about this and take varying degrees of counter measures from no
> email address display (display name only), or require a second click
> from a thread page to display the email posters address -- and on
> that page, possibly displaying it as a series of GIF letters, or 1
> combined gif/jpg image formed on the fly.  Thus a human can read
> the address, most automated scavenging software cannot.  Since the
> addresses are only displayed if a user takes the extra work to click
> on a poster's address -- and only 1 address is shown per page, then
> it's not that large of an extra load to generate such an image on the
> fly with a script.
>         As for which address to post to -- normal usenet etiquette
> would say that information posted to you personally and not to
> a list should not be reposted publically.
>         If it was me receiving such and I *noticed* it (as you did),
> I'd probably post to the address that I received via the public
> channel if I was posting a response to that channel out of usenet
> etiquette protocols.  But in many cases I don't think I would even
> notice -- since mail that comes to me directly goes into my inbox,
> but email that comes from a list redirector usually goes into a
> list-specific subfolder.
>         I'll try to answer the OT later...have to run to a meeting...
> Linda


FYI, both went to the list, hence the question.  See
<> and
P.S. There is no need to Cc: cygwin-apps@, the original question is OT there.
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