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RE: cygwin archive? (previous versions for fallback

At 17:29 2003/03/11, günter strubinsky wrote:
How did you recover your data, Jim?

Luckily I had made a dump of the database the day before (using pg_dumpall) so I was able to recover it from that.

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Subject: RE: cygwin archive? (previous versions for fallback

At 06:07 2003/03/11, günter strubinsky wrote:
>I can't access the site by typing the URI
>e) into the installer. It timed out. I downloaded the whole tree.
>That won't install either. The installer throws a fit (aka. an address
>exception) after showing strange chars in the install tree root and only a
>few leaves.
>Okay, so I installed the latest and greatest complete cygwin WITHOUT
>Postgres, installed the ipc-daemon (I can't get the one I had, so it's
>I installed, got the usual (at least on my machine) mode 0000 for all
>binaries (?). Chmod'ed them to 2777 (I know that's unsecure).
>--install-as-service'd the ipc-daemon and verified that it ran.
>Started the installer from the cygwin site and thanks to the advise from
>Christopher (PolleyChristopherW at JohnDeere dot com , thank you very much!)
>installed from the copy of the tree ftp'ed from the site the Postgres (V
>When I pg_start'ed Postgres it took 99% cpu; the usual sign that it does
>find the ipc-daemon. I verified that the daemon ran. (It did). Chris send
>a copy of 7.2.3 (identical to the version I had before). I installed from
>this version after completely uninstalling and physically removing the
>cygwin directory tree:
>         Same result.
>Lastly I reinstalled with the latest version of postgres and voila, it ran
>like a pink rabbit. Uninstalling Postgres and installing any of the two
>prior versions resultet in 99% cpu from Postgres.
>My conclusion is that the ipc-daemon is the culprit and not backwards
>compatible to Postgres < 7.3, which does not make a whole lot of sense.
>There is NO version 1.10 of cygipc aka. ipc-daemon on
> available for
>Does anybody out there have either V1.10 of cygipc or a glue what is going
>so wrong with my install?

I don't think that is your problem as I successfully ran postgres 7.2.3
with cygipc 1.13 for several weeks before inadvertently upgrading to 7.3.2
like Gunter.

Jim Moreland

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