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Re: profilers for cygwin

> A quick question, is there a profiler available on cygwin ?
> Even a primitive one will do. Please cc: me on the reply since
> i'm not on the list. I've looked this up through google but
> to no avail...

If you have binutils installed, then the answer is yes :-) If not install
the binutils package via setup.exe and your ready to go.

The profiler is called gprof, but before you are able to use it you'll need
to make sure that the binaries that you want to profile support the
profileing mechanism. When you compile a binary just specify yhe `-pg'
option to g{cc,++,77} (in addition to the options you normally use to
compile) and this will amke sure that you new compiled binary contains the
needed data.

For help with the profiler take a look at the man page `man 1 gprof' also
there is a vast amount of documents/tutorials on the web. A google for
"gprof" returned tones of results.


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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