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Re: The install dir

* Robert Collins (03-03-12 06:18 +0100)
> On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 15:46, Patrick Nelson wrote:
>>> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>> ----------------->>>>
>> I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about The setup 
>> directory is *not* temporary. Neither the packages are deleted after 
>> installation nor the older ones after updating.
>> ----------------->>>>
>> So the older ones are maintained and that setup directory is needed as is...
>> OK!  Sounds like you do have the slightest idea then.  NNTR
> However, Thorsten is wrong.

Well, to be exact: no. Patrick Nelson has a misleading habit of 
> The 'local package directory' is purely a cache, It's contents can be
> removed by you at any point (other than while setup is running) with no
> harmful effects as far as cygwin setup.exe is concerned.

Yes, that's what I told him:
| > 1. Can I just frigg'n delete it?
| Yes.

> Setup *today* does not prune old files from the local package dir.

Yes, that's what I told him:
| > 2. Can I copy it to a CDR and us it as a starting point for and
| > installation.
| Yes. You'd better delete the old packages first.

There's no need to have the latest five versions of "_update-info-dir" 
or python lying around, especially if you "copy it to a CDR and us it 
as a starting point for an installation".

Maybe you as a "native speaker" can tell what RC meant by this:
| do you get the structure of it?  I mean setup wont recognize that it has a
| newer version in a another of its temp directories? 

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