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Re: ls : fails with a long list

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Andrew Markebo wrote:

> | ~> ls -Al /usr/local/op/h/routines/[c-q]* | wc
> | bash: /usr/bin/ls: Invalid argument
> |       0       0       0
> I think it is a bash-'problem', bash have only allocated X bytes as
> command-line buffer and therefore throws up when too much info (it is
> bash that converts the * to files) is squeezed into it.
> How to fix it, don't have it on my mind now, but some way.. The
> easiest might be do a cd /usr/local/op/h/routines and ls -Al from
> there..
> Or use find, and rotate through those files with a loop and do ls -Al
> on them.. or split the ls -Al into two ls -Al's [a-n]* and [m-z]*
>          /Andy

Got two words for you: 'find' and 'xargs'... ;-)
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