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Re: .com & other executable filename extensions

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Lee D. Rothstein wrote:

> Anybody know why under both "cygwin.bat" & 'cmd.exe', I must explicitly
> type the '.com' extension in order to get a '.com' file to execute.
> I've tried adding the following line to
> 'cygwin.bat':
>   set PATHEXT=%PATHEXT%;.sf;.ksf;.cmd;.com;.exe;.bat;.awk;.pl;.py
> No help.
> If this is covered anywhere in the documentation, it's got me fooled.
> Lee

FYI, bash (which is what I assume is invoked by cygwin.bat) doesn't honor
PATHEXT.  Cygwin has a special feature that looks for a .exe (and only
.exe, .bat won't be found either) if the file with null extension does not

I'm not sure about cmd.exe, probably depends on your version of the OS (or
maybe MS deprecated it altogether).
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