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Re: kpsexpand: command not found

This will tell you it is in the tetex-bin package.
Apparently, on of the packages you installed is missing a dependency 
(perhaps the package maintainer of the package you installed forgot to put 
it in the setup.hint file, or perhaps you fiddled with the packages to 
install and de-selected tetex-bin - I don't know).

Anyway, you can install tetex-bin using the Setup.exe program you can find 
at (but you probably know that already).

If you didn't fiddle with the packages to install, it might be nice to 
send us a list of packages installed - the output of 
$ cygcheck -c
as an attachment, so the package maintainers can see if they left 
something out.



On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Uli Horn wrote:

> Hi
> When starting up cygwin using shortcut on desktop the first line in my
> terminal window reads:
> bash: kpsexpand: command not found
> I have, I hope done a full installation of cygwin (download and installation
> performed this month).
> Could anybody explain what kpsexpand is, were it is located and why it is
> likely not to be there.
> Regards
> Uli
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