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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.3.21-1

Christopher Faylor <cgf at redhat dot com> writes:

> Yeah, and isn't it a *shame* that when I suggest that people should
> try a snapshot, they never do?  The only way I have to test new
> features is to release a new version of cygwin, apparently.  And,
> then listen to the complaints.

A bug report is not a "complaint".  It is a *contribution*.  Want
evidence?  Observe how EVERY OTHER FREE SOFTWARE MAINTAINER reacts to
bug reports.  Compare to how you react.  See if you can spot the

I wonder why you are so hostile.  Maybe it was something in your
childhood?  Perhaps the bigger kids beat you up a lot?

Whatever the reason, it makes you a really crappy maintainer.

> It's an imperfect world.
> I'm looking forward to seeing someone debug what the problem is
> here.

Ah, so you expect every user to try every snapshot before reporting a
bug.  Hilarious!

Here is a thought.  Add a section to page
saying, "Please do not report bugs in released versions of Cygwin,
because the maintainer will flame you and refuse to fix them."  That
way, you can avoid both the bug reports and the need to make an ass of
yourself over and over.

 - Pat

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