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Re: Installing cygwin NOT from web

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Charles D. Russell wrote:

> What I have gleaned from watching this subject is:
> 1) setup.exe is really designed to work best for direct installation from
> the web, so do that first on some computer with an internet connection.
> 2) when you install from the web, copies of all the downloaded files -
> including setup.exe - are retained in a directory that you can specify.
> After completing the installation, if you burn that directory to a CD, you
> have everything you need to reinstall to that or another computer.
> I have not actually tried doing it this way, but assume that if I am wrong,
> someone will holler, and then I will know that my backup strategy is flawed.

FYI, setup has a "Download from Internet" mode which creates the cache
without actually installing.
This has been rehashed over and over on this list, but since searching for
"cd" is kinda useless, I'll repeat it here:

Q: How do I make a CD installation of Cygwin?
A: Run setup in "Download from Internet" mode, and specify a blank local
packages directory, e.g., "c:\install\cygwincd".  Switch to "Full" view
and select all packages you want to download (with sources, to make it
easier to comply with the <a href=">GPL</a>).
When setup has completed the download, the local packages directory you
specified will have a subdirectory named as the URL-encoded location of
the mirror.  Copy that subdirectory, along with setup.exe, to a
<b>subdirectory</b> on a CD-R, e.g., "g:\cygwin".  <b>Do not</b> put the
package subdirectory in the root of the CD -- there is a bug in Windows
that'll prevent setup from working properly, and you'll end up with a
Once the CD is created, you can use setup's "Install from Local
Directory" mode, and put g:\cygwin (or whatever name you used) as the
local repository.  That's it...

FWIW, this surfaces every so often.  Perhaps the above, or something
similar, could go into the FAQ?  David?
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