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Re: Installing cygwin NOT from web

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 06:17, Charles D. Russell wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski  wrote:
> >>FYI, setup has a "Download from Internet" mode which creates the cache
> >>without actually installing.
> But as I understand it, setup.exe ignores the cache and looks only at what
> has been actually installed. So if you don't get all the files you want in a
> single session, and don't install, then you have problems.

Gah at !@!!!@

It would be nice, for a *correct* statement not to be *incorrectly*

Run Setup.
Choose Download from Internet at the appropriate time.
In the 'Category' View, clikck on the word default to the right of All.
Click again, until it shows 'reinstall'.
Now, switch to Full view, and observe that every installed package is
marked as 'retrieve'.

Tada - one populated cache.

Note: this will redownload everything, even if it is already in the

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