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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New release of setup.exe (

Robert Collins wrote:
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I'm happy to announce a new release of setup.exe. It will *improve* the
display of permissions for use with the ntsec setting of cygwin (which
is the default now) in the majority of cases. More fine tuning may be
needed but our calls for exhaustive testing have met the same fate as
the calls to test this set of snapshots of setup.exe.

Did a fresh install at my XP-Prof box at home - moving the directories and registry keys out of th way beforehand. I just now realize, I forgot to remove the CYGWIN environment variable. Don't know if this has any influence on the installation process.

Two things pose some concern to Pierre, who developed the setup/ntsec code: domain users and the Windows popup asking if setup should run as Administrator.

Seems to me that almost everything has worked fine (haven't intensively tested though). Just, when the postinstall script ran, I was able to read a message saying that the domain controller wasn't found. Seems to me, this message came from mkpasswd (is it called with the -d param in postinstall?). Anyway, after the installation my /etc/passwd and /etc/group files didn't exactly exceed my harddisk's capacity:


I should mention that this machine isn't member of a domain. The contents of the files reflect the output of mk(passwd|group) -d:
$ mkpasswd -d
mkpasswd: [2453] Domänencontroller für diese Domäne konnte nicht gefunden werden.
(this means something like: DC for this domain couldn't be found.)
I did mk(passwd|group) -l manually and everything seems fine now.

Read/execute permission was set for owner and group (Users) for all files in /bin. So i guess the problem of bash not finding some executables when logged in with other credentials should be gone now. Most files seem to have no permission for "other"s.

Since I did the installation logged in under an administrator account there wasn't any need for setup to ask wether it should run as Administrator - and it didn't ask.

An additional change in this release is the ability to use http proxies that require a username with an empty password.

To download this version, simply click on the 'install cygwin now' link
on the cygwin homepage, or wait for setup.exe to be copied out to your
preferred mirror.


If there is more that you would like to see tested...


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