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Re: How to use ssmtp ?

>>>I have fetched Blat
>>>and an one-liner (b.bat) contains:
>>>blat.exe mpu.log -t a12 at xyz dot com -f AutoIT at rrback -server
>>> -log blat.log -s "Error detected in mpu_fh"
>>>(Of course and are not real names).
>>>Now, I would like to send a mail using ssmtp, but I do neither
>>>find the required info in 'man ssmtp' nor in
>>>More hints will be greatly appreciated.
>>echo test|ssmtp -s test recipient at domain dot com

The To: field is empty. How do I set it ?
The Subject: field is empty. How do I set it ?
How do I send a file ?

Forget about ssmtp! Really.
As you just realize it's not easy to use and if you want to send files it's not useable at all, since it has a limit of mails <= 4k size.

Use either blat, which is really a cool tool and should work fine under cygwin too. It has all you need, is stable, reliable, just great software.

Or if you like to have something more like a real "sendmail"-wrapper (just forwarding), you can easily write your own small wrapper in perl or python, which will be better than ssmtp in just a few lines of code...

I can send you mine as an example, if you're interested.



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