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Problem with doxygen on text-mounted dirs (patch supplied)

Hello all,

My /home is text mounted, which seems to cause doxygen some problems: none 
of the generated graphics are OK, and there is a problem while reading the 
doxyfile. Linking to binmode.o fixes the problem - as does the patch 
below (which does exactly that).

I don't know if the same should apply to the other .pro files - I haven't 
tried it out.



diff -wur doxygen-1.2.18-1/src/ 
--- doxygen-1.2.18-1/src/   2002-10-14 05:29:31.000000000 +0200
+++ doxygen-1.2.18-2/src/   2003-03-14 16:25:57.000000000 +0100
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
 win32:INCLUDEPATH          += .
 win32-mingw:LIBS           += -L../lib -ldoxygen -ldoxycfg -lqtools -lpng
 win32-msvc:LIBS            += qtools.lib png.lib doxygen.lib doxycfg.lib shell32.lib
-win32-g++:LIBS             = -L../lib -ldoxygen -ldoxycfg -lqtools -lpng.dll
+win32-g++:LIBS             = -L../lib -ldoxygen -ldoxycfg -lqtools -lpng.dll /usr/lib/binmode.o
 win32-msvc:TMAKE_LFLAGS    += /LIBPATH:..\lib
 win32-borland:LIBS         += qtools.lib png.lib doxygen.lib doxycfg.lib shell32.lib
 win32-borland:TMAKE_LFLAGS += -L..\lib -L$(BCB)\lib\psdk

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