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RE: Cygwin + Oracle (Pro*C)

How silly of me. Naturally should I've tried it. I come from db/2
(mainframe). There are preprocessors too, which call (access)PLANS and I
played with those a bit. Therefore my hesitation. 

My train of thought was that since ProC is a preprocessor that converts into
calls in a win2k environment it plainly could not work using those calls in
a different runtime environment CygWin.

I'm only on my first cup of coffee...and have not tried it yet, but will
keep you about my adventures posted. Maybe I make things more complicated
than they really are.
 günter strubinsky
 <strubinsky at acm dot org>
 Tel: 402.212.0196

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Subject: Re: Cygwin + Oracle (Pro*C)

günter strubinsky wrote:
> Does anybody have any experience running Oracle 9i (win2k) + cygwin with
> pro*C preprocessor? Howto?

Sorry, I have no clue about Oracle but...

> I don?t have a glue how to get proc to work under cygwin. When I install
> win2k I don?t think I can run the proC tool over the cygwin environment?!?

Does that mean you've tried?  If not, try.  The detailed results of a
failure here may help someone on this list spot your problem, even if
they aren't familiar with Oracle.

> Or can I install Oracle?s RedHat version?

No.  I can be emphatic about that.

> I am lost right now?

Me too.

Larry Hall                              lhall at rfk dot com
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