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RE: Bug: Win32 GTK binaries and Cygwin heap error

> It should be possible to 'coopt' the existing MS windowing 
> code from the 
> 'native' port, to compile a cygwin-based, but 
> MSwindow-not-Xwindow gtk. 
>   Tor has two separate #defines throughout the code -- one indicates 
> 'windowing' and the other indicates 'platform'; you want the 
> first, but 
> not the second.  However, no one has attempted to fix the 
> configury bits 
> so that you can build gtk as:
>    ./configure --without-x --with-mswin
> on a cygwin-based (e.g. not MSYS/mingw) system.  If you're willing to 
> put in the elbow grease to solve your problem "The Right 
> Way", I'm sure 
> Tor will be receptive to your efforts.
> FWIW, I posted a patch and method to build glib-2.2.0 on cygwin a few 
> months back; that should help a little.  Then you need a non-X but 
> cygwin-based libfreetype (being careful not to conflict with the 
> existing cygwin-based,X-based libfreetype distributed with 
> cygwin-xfree), and then pango, atk, and finally gtk.  It's a 
> big job - 
> which is why nobody has done it.

I have a native Cygwin port of GTK 2.2 and other required libraries. But
I was not able to send the mail into this mailing list due some "error"
with the subject "GTK+ 2.2 on Cygwin - SUCCESS"

It is here:


I have succeeded in compiling GTK+ 2.2 using real Cygwin (not with "gcc
-mno-cygwin"). I really works!

what has to done:
to have an up-to-date Cygwin installation

glib 2.2.0
- compile with Chuck Wilson's patch

atk 1.2.0
- it requires most work, configure/makefiles must be modified to use
both OS_WIN32 and PLATFORM_WIN32
- atk.def was manually copied into the build directory
- run bootstrap (the same as in glib)
  $ mkdir .build; cd .build
  $ ../configure --prefix=/usr/local --srcdir=../../atk-1.2.0
  $ make; make install

pango 1.2.0
- needs small change in modules/basic/basic-win32.c to have some LANG_
defines while we do not have usp10.h
- run bootstrap
  $ mkdir .build; cd .build
  $ ../configure --prefix=/usr/local --srcdir=../../pango-1.2.0
  $ make; make install

gtk 2.2.0
- biggest problem here - it requires libtool compatible libuuid.a to
build gdk_win32.dll => I extracted uuid.o from the library, manually
created a valid libtool object file and added it into the link command
and run the link command manually

  $ mkdir .build; cd .build
  $ ../configure --with-gdktarget=win32 --without-x --prefix=/usr/local
  $ make; make install

No extensive testing was done yet, but the tests from gtk distribution
are working well. I will try to clean my sources and prepare some
patches. Or I can package the whole build trees and place it somewhere
for others.

			Dan Horak

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