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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New release of setup.exe (

Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
Markus Schönhaber wrote:
I just started setup under a non-privileged account and XP's mechanism to
show the "Run as Administrator" dialog when starting a program called
"setup.exe" or "install.exe" kicked in.
Maybe this is what you meant? If so - it worked for me.

Yes, that's it. You seem to be very familiar with it. Where is it documented? Is it language dependent?

No, I'm not too familiar with it. I just know that it has been there when I expected it to be.
Have quickly looked into the MSDN Lib and found nothing. So getting the exact specification will take some research.
Here are some unproven opinions of mine (beware! yet to be verified):
- Since setup.exe triggered this mechanism on a German windows, I doubt that this feautre is language-dependent.
- To work properly, I think this feature relies on the secondary locon service (Run As service in W2k?). So if the dialog doesn't appear on some machine - even though the user has *not* at least power user rights - the first thing I'd check is wether the secondary logon service is running.
- As mentioned above, I seem to remember that the dialog will not appear if you are power user or administrator (to me only the latter was obvious).

The main question is: what's the group of the files (Users or Administrators)?
If it's Administrators and Everyone does not have access, then most normal
users probably don't have rx access.

The Group is Users. Seems OK to me.


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