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Re: New to cygwin, newbie style question

On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Sean Rima wrote:

> Hello cygwin,
>   I am new to cygwin, having used all GNU apps on a Linux box which
>   sadly blew up on me. I am trying to get some of my favourite apps to
>   work on a XP box. I have compiled Spamprobe which works well inside
>   the cygwin enviroment. What do I have to do to get it to be called
>   from an email client like TheBat! or a windows based email server?
>   Sean


Since you went to such trouble to get Linux tools onto your Cygwin box,
any particular reason you want to use a Windows-based email client?  What
email client did you use under Linux?  There are email clients available
as Cygwin packages, notably pine and mutt, as well as various mail
services such as ssmtp, procmail, fetchmail, etc.  Why not give them a
try? ;-)  You should then be able to use the same mechanism you used on
Linux to invoke Spamprobe...
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