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Re: Cygwin + Oracle (Pro*C)

günter strubinsky wrote:
Well, it's not as trivial. The windows installation of Oracle preconfigures
for Visual C and creates all the micro$oft junk. There is no makefile as

The documentation is virtually not existent, adapting to Microsoft's way:
'The user is too stupid to understand; keep them in the dark so they can't
harm'. That's why there is a windows GUI-application that allows one button

# I need to know how to invoke the precompiler manually.
# How to compile & link the resulting C file.

It is very hard to deduct what lib's and .h files should be included,
especially since the directory tree is huge. I will dig around and make it
work. Sooner or later. Sooner would be naturally better.

Therefore: if anybody got further than me. I appreciate any hints you
provide and will post whatever conclusions I derive. Without HTML! 8p

Then perhaps looking at a UNIX installation of Oracle will help then,
assuming that's an option.  Obviously, the Cygwin environment attempts
to mimic what's happening in UNIX so you may find some useful information
there that you can port to Cygwin to get yourself going.  Don't know
this will help but is the only thing I can think of.

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