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Re: cygwin and ntsec

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 01:41:15PM -0800, Ling F. Zhang wrote:
> right after installation of cygwin, the cygwin
> filesystem is mostly under user Administrators (the
> user I use is Admin, which is just renaming the
> default Administrator of Win2k) and group None...

This is not supposed to happen with the current (few
days old) setup. Did you use the current version
or an old one?

> While I am not sure if None is a group, I am pretty
> damn sure that Administrators is a group in my win2k
> machine and not a user....what's up with that???

If you are in the Administrators group, then Windows
(but not Cygwin) gives ownership to that group...
Thus Administrators is placed in both passwd and group.
> I checked /etc/passwd and found that "Administrators"
> and "Admin" are both well-defined user and am
> wondering how come cygwin uses Administrators (again,
> a group in win2k) by default?

setup is not a Cygwin program, so you will to ask MS.

> would
> "find / -user Administrators -group none -exec chown
> Admin:PowerUser {} \;"
> do any harm? (because I did it....)

That should be fine. If your machine has users
that are not in PowerUser, make sure "other" has rw access. 


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