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agetty problem - inconsistent echo

I am using agetty with both Win95 and WinXP.  On WinXP everything works
fine. On Win95, I have a problem.

When the Win95 machines modem answers the call, agetty correctly prompts for
the login: id.  I type it in and notice that every character I type is
immediately echoed back to me (I'm using hyperterminal).  This is as I would
expect based on the agetty code.  Each character is read and written back to
the tty.

Once I enter the login id, agetty spawns login.exe.  From this point on, the
characters I type are echoed back to me on every second character.  The
problem is that if I type a command with an odd number of characters such as
"ls\r", nothing happens.  Once I type one more '\r' or even a space, the
command is executed.  The extra character I typed is also echoed back,
usually after the next shell prompt.

What could be causing my input to be processed two characters at a time.
This does not occur on an XP machine running agetty.


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