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RE: Cygwin + Oracle (Pro*C)

> At 22:34 2003-03-13, news at garydjones dot mailshell dot com wrote:
> >On 13 Mar 2003, günter strubinsky <strubinsky at acm dot org> wrote:
> >
> > > I am lost right now?
> >
> >Maybe you can't see the way because all that html is in the way.
> Right. And that silly ASCII business is overkill, too.
> I'm starting a new campaign to go back to Fieldata and Baudot. Who
> needs all that fancy-pants punctuation? If you can't get your meaning
> across with letters, numbers, comma, period and quotes (and, of course,
> the all-important dollar $ign), you just don't know how to communicate.
> Oh, yeah, and parentheses, of course... Hell, Fieldata has six unused
> codes. What a waste! Better stick to Baudot.

Pfhht, "Fieldata", "Baudot"!  Kids today and thier MIL-STD's and their "letter
sets" and their "figure sets", bah!  Why, in my day, we had to press crude
wooden styli into wet clay tablets to exchange information!  Mehhhh.  And when
the clay dried and turned rock-hard before you were finished, you'd get slivers
from the stylus embedded in your fingers.  And the slivers would get infected,
and pus would ooze all over your clay tablet, and we'd exchange pus-stained
clay-tablet information and that?s the way it was AND WE LIKED IT!  We loved it.
We couldn't get enough of it.  Yeah, we liked it just fine.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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