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RE: Cygwin + Oracle (Pro*C)

On Fri, 14 Mar 2003 23:26:46 -0600, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>>At 22:34 2003-03-13, news at garydjones dot mailshell dot com wrote:
>>>On 13 Mar 2003, günter strubinsky <strubinsky at acm dot org>?wrote:
>>>>I am lost right now?
>>>Maybe you can't see the way because all that html is in the way.
>>Right. And that silly ASCII business is overkill, too.
>>I'm starting a new campaign to go back to Fieldata and Baudot. Who
>>needs all that fancy-pants punctuation? If you can't get your
>>across with letters, numbers, comma, period and quotes (and, of
>>the all-important dollar $ign), you just don't know how to
>>Oh, yeah, and parentheses, of course... Hell, Fieldata has six
>>codes. What a waste! Better stick to Baudot.
>Pfhht, "Fieldata", "Baudot"! ?Kids today and thier MIL-STD's and
>their "letter
>sets" and their "figure sets", bah! ?Why, in my day, we had to press
>wooden styli into wet clay tablets to exchange information! ?Mehhhh.
>And when
>the clay dried and turned rock-hard before you were finished, you'd
>get slivers
>from the stylus embedded in your fingers. ?And the slivers would get
>and pus would ooze all over your clay tablet, and we'd exchange pus-
>clay-tablet information and that?s the way it was AND WE LIKED IT!
>We loved it.
>We couldn't get enough of it. ?Yeah, we liked it just fine.

Ug. What silly. We paint on cave walls. Grunt.

Matthew O. Persico

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