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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New release of setup.exe (

Pierre A. Humblet wrote:

I recall another problem that somebody had reported after answering "yes".
The chown command in a postinstall script had no effect. That would mean
that at, at least at that site, the program was lacking the Restore privilege.
To test if this is a prevalent problem, a simple test is to put a script in /etc/postinstall . setup will then run it and wecan
see if the command worked.

I'll check that out. But you'll have to explain that to me in clear and simple words, that even I am able to understand what I am supposed to do.

Very simple. Put the text below in /etc/postinstall/, then run setup
as an ordinary user (with Run As). After running, there should by a file /etc/testchown, containing info about user & group membership (can be useful).
Check if it is owned by SYSTEM or not. will be renamed to, so you need to undo the renaming if you try multiple times.
Again the purpose of the test is to understand what users face.


#! /bin/sh

export CYGWIN=ntsec
rm -f /etc/testchown
id >> /etc/testchown
touch /etc/testchown
chown 18:18 /etc/testchown

OK, I should be able to get that done.
The results of this test will not be influenced by the flavour of the existing cygwin installation (who did it, what was installed etc.)?


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