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Re: 1.3.21-1 broken on Win9x - IsProcessorFeaturePresent not autoloaded

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Hardie, Chris wrote:

> >Looks like when the /proc/cpuinfo feature was added, someone forgot to
> >register a new function with the autoload magic. Basically, 1.3.21-1 is
> >broken for Win9x. You will have to roll back to 1.3.20 and wait for a
> >re-release.
> >Max.
> Alrighty. Where can I find old distros? I've given the site a once-over and
> I can't find a binary release of the previous version...
> Cheers,
> C.


First, read <>.

If that doesn't help (and you want to downgrade), run Cygwin setup, find
the cygwin package, and click on the version number until you see
1.3.20-1.  You can use the partial view to make sure that's the only thing
that will be installed.  Then hit "Next".
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