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Re: Header problem with OGL on Cygwin

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Paul Sargent wrote:

> Thanks for the sample app Andre, that compiled fine. That showed me it
> wasn't a system issue, so resolved to dig a bit more. I've made some headway
> although I'm not sure I understand it.
> Basically it seems to boil down to the order that I'm including header files
> in my source files.
> I'm using the glpng library <>
> to load textures. If I "#include" the glpng header file before reading in the
> standard gl.h and glut.h files then the symbols in my object files change
> from the '_glBegin at 4' style to the '_glBegin' style.
> I've attached the glpng.h header to this mail (it's pretty small). If
> anybody can teach me why this header changes the behaviour of the standard
> GL headers I'd appreciate the education.
> I'm now getting segmentation violations when I run the thing, but that's my
> problem.
> Thanks
> Paul


Here's your culprit:

/* XXX This is from Win32's <windef.h> */
#ifndef APIENTRY
        #if (_MSC_VER >= 800) || defined(_STDCALL_SUPPORTED)
                #define APIENTRY    __stdcall
                #define APIENTRY

This screws up a similar chunk of code in the standard Cygwin w32api
include files (which check for a slightly more liberal condition than
just the MSC version).
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