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Re: idea for mixed import/static libraries and linking with DLLs

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:17:49 -0500, Joe Buehler <jbuehler at hekimian dot com>
> Christoper Faylor wrote:
> > Apologies if this approach has already been mentioned.  I thought
> > it was kinda neat.
> AIX has something interesting.  All libraries are ar libs.  You can
> have shared objects in them or plain .o files, or a mixture of both.
> The same librry can be used for dynamic or static builds.

I've always found the fact that a .a was both shared and static a problem.
You loose any knowledge knowing what libraries HAVE to be installed on the
machine in order to make the application execute :-(

> Further, since all code is position-independent, you can easily
> make a shared library from any .o file.

True.  but its not that simple.  You have to create an exports file that
lists all the symbols in the shared portion of the library, and combine
all the .o files you want to be shared into a single shr.o file.

Granted there are advantages to treating all libraries the same, but there
are inherent limitations and added complexities here also.

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