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Re: /bin/hostname

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Jack Tanner wrote:

> On Cygwin, /bin/hostname is part of sh-utils. On RedHat, it's part of
> net-utils and provides a much richer set of options. I discovered this the
> hard way, when RH8 `/bin/hostname -s` didn't work on cygwin. (On RH8, -s
> stands for short host name, e.g., the "host" of "".) Is
> there any chance Cygwin might get a nicer hostname, or is this really
> complicated?
> -JT

<>.  Simply submit a patch.

Or you could contribute (see <>) and maintain
a net-utils package, which provides a better hostname, and synchronize
with the maintainer of the sh-utils package.

Or, of course, you could also wait until the maintainer of the sh-utils
package has some free time and is willing to bring hostname up to date...
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