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Re: cygwin binary of lftp 2.6.5?

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 02:12:37AM +0100, Huijing Zhou wrote:
>>>>>Can someone please make a Cygwin binary of the latest lftp version?
>>>>>The last one was 2.5.2, which has been quite a while now. I did try
>>>>>several times to compile myself, but it never succeeded "out of the
>>>>>box".  Thanks in advande.
>>>>Just built 2.6.5 out of the box on the latest Cygwin.  Feel
>>>>free to grab a copy from:
>>>>Unpack in /usr/local or your repository of choice.  Enjoy.
>>>That's great, thank. I'm just wondering why my compile failed. I had a 
>>>complete reinstallation of Cygwin (all packages) two days ago and still 
>>>lftp 2.6.5 failed to compile.
>>Make sure you're not building with gcc-mingw.  I think I was
>>doign that and was hitting lots of weird issues with various
>>Windows DLLs.  Removing the gcc-mingw package seems to fix the
>>problem.  I just did ./configure && make && make install.  No
>That's strange. I sure was not adding "--mno-cygwin" anywhere. But AFAIK 
>compiling under Cygwin doesn't use the "win32 native" mode anyway. It 
>shouldn't be necessary to *remove* the mingw package!?

Absolutely.  There is no reason why building with -mno-cygwin package
would have any effect on any Windows DLLs unless you attempt the
standard thinko of trying to mix cygwin and non-cygwin DLLs or
libraries.  You can't do this by default but if you add cygwin libraries
to the gcc command line you can get into trouble.


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