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Re: Installing cygwin NOT from web


At 09:23 2003-03-19, Max Bowsher wrote:
Randall R Schulz wrote:
> At 07:54 2003-03-19, Daniel Barclay wrote:
>> Why can't you download the files using any FTP/HTTP client and
>> operating system you want, transfer the files (or otherwise make
>> them visible) to a Windows system, and only then use setup.exe to
>> install the files from the Windows-visible directory?
> This is quite feasible, but a simple local mirror of the Cygwin
> distribution or any valid subset thereof (itself obtained from one of
> the public mirror sites, of course) will not be suitable for use by
> Setup.exe. There needs to be a renaming applied between the mirror
> host and the local mirror.

No. There is no need for renaming.

Yes there is. The host name (including the scheme from the URL and the colon separating it from the host name) and the first slash that separates the host name from the directory name on the mirror server must be URL-encoded. Wget won't do this directly, though as my BASH script shows, the proper names can be derived and suitable options exist to get wget to put the files in the right place as it downloads them.


Randall Schulz

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