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Re: cgf:RCM

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 09:27:33PM -0800, David A.  Case wrote:
>On Wed, Mar 19, 2003, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>Oddly enough, his company (or at least the company he used to work for)
>>was the *only* one to ever send me a token of appreciation for my work
>>on cygwin.
>I don't know what constitutes a "token of appriciation", (not to
>mention what half the acronyms here stand for,)

In this case the company sent me an actual package with some nice stuff
in it.  It was quite a thrill.  The only other things I've gotten is one
donation to my paypal account (quite a surprise) and a tightly folded
one dollar bill sent to me in the mail with "thanks for cgywin (sic)"
scrawled on the envelope.  That was my very first token of appreciation.
I still have the dollar bill in my desk.

For the record, I'd accept laptops, too.  :-)

I'm pricing one of those out right now as my birthday present since Red
Hat doesn't seem to be inclined to upgrade my old Pentium laptop.  I
keep hearing that the prices are coming down but unfortunately my
expectations are going up faster than the prices are going down.  I know
that this is extremely off-topic but can anyone recommend a good quality
laptop which could dual boot linux and XP, 1600x1200 resolution, large
screen, 40+GB, 1.8+GHZ?

I'm looking at either a Sager or Toshiba (I like the eraser pointing
device) laptop currently.

This is so offtopic that private email is fine.


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