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XP & mount: Permission denied

Hi all, 
I have a problem with mounting drives into my freshly installed Cygwin 
1.3.22(0.78/3/2) under XP. If I try to execute

mount -f -s -b "c:" "/c"

I get a permission denied error. suggests that this
may have something to do with my user rights on the XP machine. I am a
user with no special rights on that machine. Our policy disallows quite a
of things which I have not yet figured all out. Among those, I cannot run
regedit or
regedt32. Still, there must be a way that I can create the mount points in
the registry,
because setup, running under my account, managed to. FWIW, it did not try
to run Administator and didn't ask for a password. I also had to add my
SID manually. 

What I do not understand is why setup.exe can change the registry and
mount can not. (Why I am not allowed to run regedit but can write and
double click a .reg file is another interesting question of my company's
policy that I would not ask my IS department :-) At least it gives me
the chance to export the relevant keys from NT and import them into
the XP box...)

I have the output of
strace mount -f -z: /z

Hmm, on further trying I realized that user mounts work...strange.



Thomas Demmer
Kraft Foods R&D Munich
Phone: +49 89 62738-6302
Fax:      +49 89 62738-86302

Thought of the Day:
A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody
wants to read.
                -- Mark Twain

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