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Invalid compiler error

I wrote a simple program to test an open source library I am planning to use in a development project. I want the project to be supported on different compilers, including the GCC compiler included with Cygwin. I have been able to successfully build my test application using the Micrsoft and Borland compilers. When I try to build the program with the Cygwin compiler, I get a compiler error related to a header file I'm including from the library.

Here is the error message I get:

#if with no expression

This is the line of code that is apparently causing the problem:

#elif _WIN32

I don't see why this should be causing a problem especially when the other compilers build without any problems. I use -DWIN32 in the command line arguments I used when I build the application.

Has anyone seen the type of problem before (I search the mailing archives and didn't find anything)?
Can anyone offer any suggestions about how to resolve this issue?

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