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Re: RXVT Problem with buffering of application output.

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 07:22:09PM -0800, Ayamico Hamasaki wrote:
>However, I do not buy the solution that the only alternative is to
>change the native app's buffering.  There are thousands (or may be
>millions) of these applications written by 3rd parties out there.  I do
>not have the source codes to recompile them.

You realize that you are sending email to an open source project
complaining about not having the source code, right?  I don't think
you're going to get much sympathy here about lack of source code.  Also,
your rejection of my assertion that you need to change the program to
get it working correctly does not seem to be based on anything besides
wishful thinking.  If you have a technical reason for thinking this is
possible then it would be interesting to hear it.

>I am using a lot of these programs from day to day.  For example, the
>Clearcase command line programs.  All the programs require user inputs
>will exhibit the output buffering problem.

Possibly.  It depends on how they've set up buffering for stdout.

>This almost makes rxvt un-usable.  I am not saying this is a rxvt
>problem.  This could be the MS Windows problem.  I just hope that
>someone will come out with an intelligent solution.

This is not the first time this particular problem has come up.  I
really can't conceive of any way of redesigning things so that ptys
somehow miraculously look like console devices to native windows
programs.  It would be wonderful if we could do that, however.

And, sorry, but the fact that this makes rxvt unusable to you really is
of no consequence.  Perhaps it is not your intent, but people often seem
to think they have some leverage by complaining about such things as if
the fact that this free software doesn't exactly fit their needs is
something that will cause others to scramble to accommodate them.
That's not how it works.  Possibly someone will be inspired to come up
with a great idea for fixing this but the usual answer in this type of
project is "You have the source".


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