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RE: Problem with PVM on CYGWIN

Hmm well ssh will definately allow passwordless logins etc and as far as i
know rsh will too. the only limitations being that you wont get windows
network access.
could you use that instead ? (i dont know what PVM is) 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Onur SOYSAL [mailto:soysal at ceng dot metu dot edu dot tr]
> Sent: 21 March 2003 14:33
> To: cygwin at cygwin dot com
> Subject: Problem with PVM on CYGWIN
> Hello,
> I'm trying to run PVM3.4.4 on CYGWIN 1.3.3. PVM requires an rsh/rexec
> connection to host machines WITHOUT password. My final aim is 
> to create a
> pvm slave machine in cygwin.
> Here are the steps I follow:
> 1- I install CYGWIN
> 2- config inetd using iu-config
> 3- change hosts.allow as follows
> sshd: ALL
> rshd: ALL
> 4- start inetd as a service (using inetd --install-as-service and net
> start inetd)
> 5- write a .rhosts file (this file works on redhat 7.3 systems)
> 6- i can start pvm deamon from local windows machine using cygwin bash
> shell and it works.
> but i can't run commands without password, so pvm can't start 
> deamon on my
> cygwin/windows system remotely. 
> I read it is not possible to login into accounts that require password
> without password .So as far as I understand the .rhosts authorization
> mechanism doesn't work with cygwin. 
> * How can I solve this problem of running pvm on cygwin? 
> * Also does rsh use any init script (like .profile) to set environment
> options. 
> -Onur Soysal
> Middle East Technical University 
> Computer Engineering Dept.
> soysal at ceng dot metu dot edu dot tr
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