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Re: RXVT Problem with buffering of application output.

Ayamico Hamasaki wrote:

I am using a lot of these programs from day to day. For example, the Clearcase command line programs. All the programs require user inputs will exhibit the output buffering problem.

This almost makes rxvt un-usable. I am not saying this is a rxvt problem. This could be the MS Windows problem. I just hope that someone will come out with an intelligent solution.

As a user of Clearcase on Windows and Cygwin/Rxvt, while I understand the problem partially (for example, typing cleartool will not give you a prompt) I still use the Clearcase command line without much stress. I simply do the individual cleartool commands without dropping into the cleartool command prompt, such as:

$ cleartool lsview
$ cleartool checkout -nc <pname>

In fact I alias cleartool=ct so:

$ ct lsview
$ ct checkout -nc <pname>

and for many commands I wrap functions around them like lsview does an ct lsview | grep "$@" and llview will do ct lsview -long "$@".

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