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Re: Cannot fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

On Sat, Mar 22, 2003 at 03:32:45AM +0100, Luc Hermitte wrote:
>May be our PID numbers consumption is going very fast because we have
>some "resident" programs like anti-viruses, firewalls, etc. But the
>problem still remains: there is a limit that stop us from using cygwin
>to accomplish more or less critical things like recompiling some

No one is denying that.  However, rather than having people spelunking
for other reports of the problem, it might be useful if someone with
programming experience who had the problem actually tried *debugging*
it.  If you are using cygwin to recompile some programs maybe cygwin
should be one of those programs and maybe you ought to try tracking
the problem down yourself.

There are something like 200+K lines of code in cygwin and probably
something like three people actively hacking on it.  So, realistically
speaking, the way to fix problems is often to debug the problem
yourself.  That is assuming that people aren't just having fun finding
old reports of the same problem and actually want to solve the problem.


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