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Re: Install Scripts question


Setup does it all. Based on what you wrote, I'll assume you selected "Download from Internet" mode. Now just run Setup again and this time select "Install From Local Directory." Now the subsequent stages of the Setup wizard will differ from that the first time out.

First Setup will ask you where on your local system you want your Cygwin root. Choose anything _other than the directory where Setup runs_. The top-level directory (/) of any given volume is also not recommended, but is allowed. Also choose whether you want the installation to be just for you or for everyone who uses that computer. Lastly, choose whether you want Windows text files to be converted to and from Unix style when Cygwin programs read from and write to them (DOS, also referred to as "text mode") or whether all file content should remain unchanged (Unix, also referred to as "bin mode").

Next proceed to select the local directory from which packages should be installed. Probably the pre-filled directory name is correct.

When you move the next step you can choose which packages you want installed and whether you want their source code installed, too.

Moving on from that stage will begin the installation. Setup will run all necessary post-install scripts required to finalize the installation and make it fully functional.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz

At 08:40 2003-03-22, Martin wrote:
Hello All:

Where are the install script(s) to make cygwin operational?
Setup downloads the files but I cannot locate the scripts to untar the
tar'ed files

Thank You,


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