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RE: Gnome & KDE

am already running the ipc-deamon, no change, the problem seems to be
with the qt-2-3.dll, if I tell cygwin to use that version, then, when I
use the xclient, none of the kde icons appear

On Sat, 2003-03-22 at 13:36, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > is there a location to install cygwin with Gnome &/or kde as part of the
> > package? I have looked around on the net, and the only info/help I can
> > find is, have to install about 50 pieces of source for Gnome, and
> > configuring X to work with KDE 2.0 seems to break using Xwin as a client
> > connecting to my RH 8.0 box (all kde icons dissapear, it looks like qt2
> > is the issue)
> Please run the ipc-daemon from the cygipc package, which you should install with
> kde2.
> the x11 release on supports shared memory for pixmap
> caching. It is based on the cygipc package, which could also downloadeded from
> If you haven't installed
> cygipc or are not running the ipc-daemon (which is original started in the
> startkde script), it might be that the above described problems ocurres. You are
> not fixed using this x release, you might use any official x11/cygwin release.
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