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Re: vim quits and cygwin window contents not restored

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:

> > It used to work for me, but a recent update has caused it to cease
> > working for me, too. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which--wasn't there an
> > ncurses update recently? Perhaps when it's convenient, I'll try to back
> > up to see if that makes screen restore start working again.
> >
> > One other thing I've noticed is that "less" restores the screen but Vim
> > doesn't.
> FWICS (acronym alert: "From What I Can See" :-)

Yes, but you don't get the credit.  It's been used before... :-p

> there is no difference. I've been switching libncurses and ncurses and I
> don't think anything has changed. Perhaps a change in the termcap?
> Regards,
> Elfyn McBratney

Well, I've been reading some vim help.  A few interesting things surfaced.
For details, "help restorescreen", "help term", "help terminfo", and "help
xterm-screens" in vim.  FWIW, it works for me in an xterm, but doesn't in
the "bash window" (we *really* ought to come up with a better name for
that).  Looks like vim doesn't recognize TERM=cygwin and doesn't set t_ti
and t_te appropriately.  These two variables control the "alternate
screen" feature.  As they aren't even defined for TERM=cygwin, I don't
know how it ever worked (unless termcap/terminfo were changed recently).
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