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Re: vim quits and cygwin window contents not restored

Sorry, I haven't been following this thread. See below.

Randall wrote:
So, my bet is on the terminfo for cygwin as the locus of the problem, whatever it is. Other reasonable hypotheses are that there's problem in ncurses or in how Vim uses it.

Larry wrote:
Yeah, the terminfo change is the "problem". Updating to 5.3-1 allows me to reproduce the behavior. Reverting to 5.2-3 restores the original behavior.

Randall wrote:
Does the presence of quote marks indicate you don't consider this a problem?

The wording of the "updating ..." and "reverting ..." sentences is ambiguous to me. Are you saying that you do see the failure to restore the original window contents when Vim is quit or suspended under terminfo-5.3-1 and see the proper restore behavior under 5.2-3?

terminfo is a fork from ncurses -- but I try to keep it sync'ed. Recently, I built ncurses-5.3 for cygwin (it's available as a 'test' package right now) and while doing so, I resync'ed terminfo to the ncurses base.

I did this because the ncurses maintainer finally folded in most of Earnie Boyd's original changes for the "cygwin" terminal. However, he did not include all of them.

In my foolishness, I figured that if the upstream maintainer had seen Earnie's patches, but opted to leave out a few codes, that he must have had a good reason to do so. So I followed his lead. (I never noticed a problem pre-release, because I do most of my work in an rxvt window; I did only minimal testing in a "DOSbox" TERM=cygwin shell. Sorry. [doesn't everybody use rxvt?? <g>] )

I'll try to figure out which parts are missing, and reinstate them -- look for a new release (of terminfo-) sometime in the next week.


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