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Re: Forum for sharing windows-specific 'bash' scripts.

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Lee D. Rothstein wrote:

> Because of a number of problems in backup, I have written a
> couple of Cygwin-specific bash scripts that I use to backup my
> system. Is there a forum for sharing these kinds of things? (Of
> course, they use 'bzip' and 'tar'.) BTW, I am not convinced that
> these scripts will save the "free world" from the heartbreak of
> psoriasis. Rather, I think that my script and others like it will
> benefit from sharing of ideas and "peer review". However, they
> are undeserving of full-fledged open
> source/Freshmeat/SourceForge/... treatment.
> One of the interesting motives of these scripts, BTW, is
> preserving the full names and paths of the original files and
> directories on NTFS, when they are copied to other media such
> as CD-R/RW, Firewire and FAT ... devices.
> Thanks,
> Lee

So...  What's the question? ;-)

If you were simply planning to announce the scripts, then this probably is
the best forum (in which case you might also want to attach them).

Alternatively, you could try providing (and maintaining) them as a Cygwin
package (which is not as hard as people think), and see if they get
accepted/voted for.
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