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Re: Another GPL violation: Re: Minimalistic Build-Environmentforwin32 (~7.5MB)

ooops - what a thread :)
thanks - it was very interesting to see such different point of views.

As a resumee, I basically mostly agree with Pat:

>At issue here are people who distribute something for free along with
>Cygwin.  They include full credit and links to the Cygwin source code,
>which is mirrored on dozens of sites.  This may not comply with the
>letter of the GPL, but it surely complies with the spirit, so why not
>leave them alone?

>These people are contributing something to the world, only to have a
>bunch of ninnies harrass them, claiming their actions are analogous to
>running traffic lights on the way to work.  This is absurd, and it
>contributes nothing to the general good.

This is closest, for what I think - I wanted to contribute something to the world. 
I thought, it was ok what I did and I didn`t study the GPL in that detail. It would`t
have been a problem for me to redistribute the source, if I had that in mind when I
stripped and packaged the software. 

On the other hand:

If everybody in the world would "interpret" the GPL for his own "interest" and nobody else 
would complain - it would be worth nothing - indeed! The GPL has to be respected.

For that reason i have disabled the binary download until I find some time to fix the 
"missing sourcecode"-Problem. 

Please don`t see this as a "following your demand" - see this more as my personal "obeisance" 
to the GPL ;)


but for all that .... cygwin rulez :) 

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