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Re: Another GPL violation: Re: Minimalistic Build-Environmentforwin32 (~7.5MB)

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 12:06:57AM +0100, roland wrote:
>ooops - what a thread :)
>thanks - it was very interesting to see such different point of views.
>As a resumee, I basically mostly agree with Pat:
>>At issue here are people who distribute something for free along with
>>Cygwin.  They include full credit and links to the Cygwin source code,
>>which is mirrored on dozens of sites.  This may not comply with the
>>letter of the GPL, but it surely complies with the spirit, so why not
>>leave them alone?
>>These people are contributing something to the world, only to have a
>>bunch of ninnies harrass them, claiming their actions are analogous to
>>running traffic lights on the way to work.  This is absurd, and it
>>contributes nothing to the general good.
>This is closest, for what I think - I wanted to contribute something to
>the world.

No one doubted for a second that you wanted to contribute something to
the world.  I do too.  I have contributed something to the world.
Unfortunately we have a couple of people on this list who can't quite
comprehend certain subtleties about the situation.

The problem here is that you were politely asked to stop doing something
and your response was:

1) I want to use the software the way I want to use it.  It's too hard
to use it any other way.

2) You shouldn't be bothering me because I love open source.

3) Everybody else is doing it.

These are self-serving reactions with no real bearing on the situation.
*That* is what started the strong responses.  It wasn't the fact that
you were not adhering to the GPL that kept this thread going.  It was
your responses to the simple request that you provide source code.  What
an amazing amount of hoopla over such a simple request.


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