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Re: Re-setup & cygintl-[12].dll


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On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Arthur I Schwarz wrote:

> How do I reinstall /etc/passwd & /etc/group to it's initial state? In a fit
> of efficiency I deleted some entries in both files to find out (later) that
> they apparently allow correct display of GID and UID for system files. Is
> there any way to recover the original other than deleting Cygwin and
> starting afresh? (I did try a reinstall with no applications without
> success.)

FYI, once /etc/passwd and /etc/group exist, they will not be automatically
recreated by setup.

You can always recreate the default /etc/passwd by running "mkpasswd" with
the appropriate switches (ditto for /etc/group and "mkgroup").  To see the
default switches, look at /etc/postinstall/ (this is
the script that created your /etc/passwd and /etc/group in the first
place).  If you have edited your files heavily, you can rename them to
/etc/passwd.bak (and /etc/group.bak), re-run
/etc/postinstall/ to recreate them, and then merge
your edits into the newly created copies.  This should suffice unless
you're a domain user.  For more details, take a look at

> I have noticed for some time that 'cygintl-1.dll' seems to be missing. I
> correct the problem by copying 'cygintl-2.dll' to 'cygintl-1.dll'. Am I
> missing something?
> art

Yes.  According to the package search page at <>,
cygintl-1.dll is part of the "libintl1" package, and cygintl-2.dll is part
of the "libintl2" package.  It makes sense to assume these aren't the same
DLL, so copying probably wasn't a wise decision.  Simply install "libintl1"
using setup.exe.
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